Emcee and Host Amy McWhirter

As Content Catalyst and Engagement Instigator, Professional emcee, host and presenter Amy McWhirter energizes and inspires audiences to connect to the heart of messaging at conferences, award galas, and meetings. She’s the soulful communicator, emcee and moderator who ties everything together, driving focus, messages and business outcomes.

Emcee and Host Amy McWhirter has a rich background in communications as moderator, in-person MC, virtual emcee, corporate presenter, hybrid event host, broadcast & TV host, video producer and scriptwriter creates the perfect blend of skills for Amy to holistically integrate messaging, focusing on key takeaways and elevating the audience’s experience.
Facilitating with passion and compassion, she moderates panels and sessions with warmth and depth, creates excitement, improvises with humor, personalizes content, and weaves in themes and key messaging for each session, speaker, award and event.

Amy’s sharp and a super quick study with a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology with Honors pre-med from University of Michigan. She hosted “Built to Last: The Green Home” television docuseries on PBS.
Industry specialties include technology, healthcare, manufacturing, finance and defense, and her clientele spans large corporations like Honeywell, Salesforce, BMC, Leidos, Infosys, Veeam, Milestone Systems, award galas by Fierce Marketing and Executive Platforms, associations such as Credit Union Executives Society and IKAA, and household names including Maytag, Cadillac, Samsung, Cardinal Health.

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