Divine Airways

These costumes can cruise at an altitude of approximately 3 metres on stilts, or be worn on the ground for any of our skills. For wandering performance Divine Airways can be as interactive as you like. Attending to your every whim, handing out drinks, snacks or goodie bags, and giving in-flight safety demonstrations including the safe routes to the bar and cloakroom.

Welcome to Divine Airways, transporting our first class passengers to cloud nine in the lap of luxury. Relax and unwind as our highflying hostesses greet and guide, dispense drinks and light snacks. First choice for the discerning passenger.

Divine Airways can also perform choreographed dance-about and staged performance. As always our shows are arranged to fit the event. Good choice if you are looking for something fun and interactive.

Groups of identically dressed artists make a statement in any space. Particularly well suited to handing out lovely gifts and treats. Friendly and accessible, great for outdoor or indoor events, hilarious on a busy dance floor. 3 identical costumes available, more can be made to order.

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