Chocolate Fountains

Everyone can take their turn at creating their own versions of enticing, one of a kind delicacies.Whether it is for corporate parties, an engagement party, wedding reception, Birthday party or other special celebrations, sweet Belgian Chocolate will cascade over the sides of the fountain, offering guests a new way to satisfy all of their chocolate fantasies! In addition, this type of centerpiece will help break the ice and create conversation among the various guests.


Amaze and entertain your guests with our Chocolate Fountains!  Offered in many different sizes, these wondrous machines help create perfect treats for every guest, young and old alike.  These Belgian Chocolate Fountains provide a steady flowing cascade of tasty chocolate, that can be used to cover just about every imaginable snack available.  Perfect for events that range in size and style, Belgian Chocolate Fountains provide beautiful centerpieces to cap off many different types of events, and various sizes of crowds.

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