Logo reveal entertainment is more than shining a light on a well-rehearsed troupe, it’s the well-oiled wheel that transports you and your guests to destinations uncharted.  When you’re ready to step up and blow the competition out of the water, make sure to hire laser logo reveal entertainers to guide you into the future of local and global marketing.  By introducing your brand through a bespoke logo reveal, you’re creating an impression that shuts out room for competitors, making you the only thing on people’s minds.

Imagine waking up to discover the gala event you hosted the evening before made corporate headlines, thanks to the bespoke laser show incorporating the company’s logo in a brilliant display, across the poi dancers specially made costumes.  Or the look on the crowd’s faces as the LED Poi miraculously creates your brands’ logo through the fast-twirling fingers of nimble dancers at the corporate brand reveal event.

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There are countless reasons why you should book Laser Poi to be a part of your next special function.  The innovative performances that are designed by laser and LED dancers are not only mesmerising but memorable as well.  How often do you get to light up the atmosphere with high-energy, high-voltage brand reveal entertainment that creates memories to last a lifetime?

Check out our AMAZING LED AND LASER ACTS below!