Walkabout Pop Art

Eye-catching Walkabout Pop Art characters available to hire for events all over the world, perfect for Shopping Malls and festivals.  “Pop-Art” – a homage to Roy Lichtenstein. They will rock in vinyl and pop in any type of event around the world!

Their silk and leather expressions will delight all comic lovers and at night their ultra-violet lights will explode in your camera lens. The characters strut and groove around – occasionally spinning each other in a Rock n Rock-esk style. Great if there is music playing. They get guests to strike rock n roll poses for the photos and their costumes are great in daylight but also come into their own with the UV in low light.

Other acts from this collection include:
The Cloud Men
Walkabout Walks of Art
Walkabout Time Minders
Scrolling Baroque
Elephant Essence

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