Stilt Walkers Germany

Stilt Walkers Germany have an impressive 25 years of professional comedy jugglers, stilt walkers and magicians, perfect entertainment for public festivals, corporate events and private parties.

Characters includes…

The Meerkat Boys – Three excited meerkats let the flower power hippie time come to life again: They stroll sometimes shyly, sometimes sweetly, sometimes cheeky, sometimes flighty and always brightly and in a good mood through the crowds of people.

Fleuri & Tromp – this is the scent of a giant flower and a magic insect on stilts, the spring- or midsummer night’s dream as a walking act and THE eye-catcher for horticultural shows, public festivals and corporate events.

Stilt Birds Groovy, Grungy, Grumpy and Gregory – The tallest cuddly toys on this planet are taking the hearts of the children by storm.

Sea heroes – Three sea heroes have left there home waters and are on land visit. A captain and his first mate as well as a giant round fin animal move into the world of the landlubbers, always ready to maritime practical joke of all kind…

Wind rider – On metre-high stilts the wings of the wind riders float away above the heads of the amazed audience. Two or three antique double-deckers perform rotations and turns, run synchronically or as a relay…

The Christmas Giant – unites Santa Claus and a Christmas tree, all this to create a christmassy atmosphere on Christmas events of all kinds.

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