Socially Distance Entertainment

Socially distanced entertainment

Although we can start breathing a (mask-covered) sigh of relief as coronavirus restrictions start to lift and vaccination brings us closer to normality, there is still a long way to go. With the vaccination programme ongoing, and the potential for new variants that current vaccines do not provide protection against, it’s likely to be some time before we can safely gather the way we used to. But that doesn’t have to be a problem for any entertainment at the event, awards, or celebration you were planning.

Like everything else, entertainment has adapted to the pandemic. As long as the relevant guidelines are followed, there is no reason you can’t add a little wow to your event with some socially distanced entertainment. All our shows have been adapted to ensure that your audience, suitably spaced, will be thrilled, amazed and entertained.

TOP 10 Socially Distanced Entertainment Ideas


1. Shadow Show

You need to take a look at one of our videos to even get an idea of the spectacular beauty of one of our shadow shows. The performers combine grace and athleticism to transform themselves into an array of silhouettes. Whether it’s their gymnastic strength or their ingenuity, your audience will be astounded at the shapes they see.

There are three pre-designed shows to choose from. Their UK show celebrates everything about the country, and its culture: from Stonehenge and the Loch Ness monster, to Tower Bridge and the City of London. If you are looking for something more global, then they can also take you on a world tour, taking in sights like the Sydney Opera House or the Taj Mahal. Or, for something more thought-provoking, what about a show that looks at human history, all we have achieved and posing the question ‘what might happen next?’ And if none of those meet your requirements, they can create a bespoke show just for you.

Shadow Show Connect

2. Digital illusionist stage show

If you are looking for something tech themed for a corporate event, or even share the view that advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, then a digital illusionist is exactly what you need.

Available to perform shows all over the world, this artist is based in the UK and US and all the tech magic is specially designed for this show by the artist himself, so you won’t have seen it anywhere else.

Using multiple iPads, virtual and augmented reality and even drones the show uses modern digital trends, like social media, as its theme.

This isn’t just a clever app, it’s a technological spectacular that will leave your audience questioning where the tech ends and the magic begins.

Las Vegas Illusionist

3. Aerial acrobats and themed cirque-style shows

Nothing quite has the wow factor of aerial acrobatics. Our troupe can perform sets with anything from one to ten (or even more if space allows) acrobats, including dazzling silk acrobatics in which the acrobats will spin, swing and soar while entwined in suspended silks.

The troupe can perform in a range of themes to fit your needs, whether it’s a monochromatic black and white, or a fiery heaven and hell, from a spooky Halloween to a magical Christmas, they can provide stunning stage sets or ambient performances to keep your guests entertained.

Cirque Shows

4. Bespoke light shows

Combining music and light, our artist will produce a stunning bespoke show for you. Using light and shadows, the artist will draw pictures that glow and gradually fade, creating a mesmerising effect that will entrance your audience.

Although just watching the process is entrancing, the artist can work with you to design a show that highlights exactly what you want. If you have a company message, a product launch or a story to tell, the artist can transform your brief into a magical, one-of-a-kind, light show that will stick in the audience’s memory long after the lights have faded from their retinas.

Light Show

5. LED drumming group

A combination of sight and sound, the LED drumming group provide upbeat rhythmic entertainment enhanced by light shows on their drums and costumes to add visuals to their percussion, creating an attention-grabbing futuristic effect.

Combined with perfect choreography, seeing and hearing the Lighting Drums emerge from the smoke offers a wow-factor as their high-energy performance ups the tempo of your event. Whether it’s kicking off your event, or getting things pumped for a grand finale, keynote speaker, or product launch, the LED drumming group can offer a stunning stage show for a large audience, or ambient entertainment for a conference or evening event.

Lighting drums

6. LED show Germany

A light show spectacular, this duo takes advantage of human biology, precision choreography and light technology to offer a visual feast for their audience.

At the foundation of the show is a dance routine that will astound with the precise acrobatics as the dancers move together, performing leaps, rolls and set-pieces that would be worthy of a show on their own. Then add in their props, that they keep moving throughout, spinning rapidly in the gaps their bodies create, just a whisker away from each other. And, finally, add the lights which leave graceful trails as they swing and move around, creating lines, arcs, and circles.

If that wasn’t enough, the lights are programmable and, with their perfect timing, you will see intricate patterns or even corporate logos appearing as the show progresses at dazzling speed. An amazing show for your event.

LED Shows

 7. Light Angels

Regardless of what your audience believes before the show, they will believe in angels after they have seen this performance. The Light Angels combine a spectacular dance show with intricate costumes each featuring lights to create an enchanting display of elegance and grace.

The show is best performed in a dark venue or outside on moonless night to maximise the impact of the lights and costumes. The dancers can perform using props, but the most breath-taking part of the show are the beautiful costumes.

The specially designed outfits feature thousands of integrated LED lights that help accentuate the dancers and their movements.

Whether it’s watching the grace of ballet, the colourful beauty of a butterfly opening its wings or, of course, the majesty of angels, any audience will have their breath taken away by the artistry.

Light Angels

8. Speed painter

Whatever picture you want, the speed painter can provide it. Artists are, of course, commonly used as entertainment at events and conferences. Our speed painter, though, offers stunning artistry at dazzling speeds. If you have ever seen someone draw a picture, and marvelled at the quality, imagine watching someone creating it for you in just a few minutes, painting with both hands at the same time, to come up with a stunning and unique piece of artwork.

The speed artist can work in several mediums, with glitter painting producing a particularly stunning finale, and will create a bespoke work just for your event. Whether you are looking for a portrait of a special person, a picture of a happy couple, or even corporate imagery of your latest product or new logo, let our speed artist produce it for you in (just a tiny bit more than) a blink of the eye.

speed artist to hire

9. Sand artist

If you have never seen sand artistry, be prepared for a magical experience. Using an unforgiving medium — imagine the consequence of a badly timed sneezed or bump — the sand artist doesn’t just draw an image; they tell a captivating story. Moving the sand around on the backlit board to create a series of images that morph into one another in a way that will leave you entranced and waiting to see what comes next.

Whether you are telling the story of how the loving couple met, or building up to a product reveal, the sand artist can work with you to transform the tale you want to tell into a mesmerising, and once-only artistic event.

sand artist eva

10. Mind reader stage show


Based in Las Vegas and our mind reader can perform shows all over the US and the world. With a show that’s themed around psychology and the future, our mentalist will stun your audience by reading their minds and predicting the future. And because it’s socially distanced, you’ll know there’s no hidden signals or close-up cues you can’t see, it’s all pure magic.

In a show that combines AI, machine learning and big data with the age-old skills of mind-reading and mentalism, the show will leave an audience amazed. Ideal for a corporate events and stage shows our mind reader can create an unforgettable show just for you.

Las Vegas Mind Reader
Booking socially distanced entertainment for your event
After a long pandemic in which lots of fun was on hold your audiences deserve a reward!

Whether your event is big or small, a celebration, corporate launch, awards, or a conference booking one of our acts will make sure you can offer entertainment that people are desperate to see and will remember and talk about for years afterwards.

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