Get the ideal 60s repertoire for your treasured audience with the best tunes of the fabulous ‘Rat Pack’ from our ‘Rat Pack’ tribute acts.  Out tribute bands can transform any dull crowd into an energised bunch of excited guests.  The original ‘Rat Pack’ consisted Frank Sinatra, Jr., Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis and Peter Lawford.  Each of the capable band individuals were fruitful and accomplished artists in their own rights.  Their exhibitions could be just depicted as energising and they would pump life and vitality into any event.

The Rat Pack were experts in their game with exemplary hits like ”I Get A Kick Out Of You”, ”My Way”, ” I’ve Gotta Be Me”, ”The Road to Hong Kong”, ”4 for Texas” and ”Somethings Gotta Give” your guests will without a doubt go gaga from the performance as the nostalgic 60s environment is taken back to inhabit your occasion.  There can be nothing more invigorating than listening to the Rat Pack become animated again at your occasion in an elite tribute performance!  This tribute bundle can bring life to corporate occasions, themed events, private gatherings, shows, weddings, celebrations, clubs, casinos, evening exhibitions among numerous different capacities.  Call the Corporate Entertainment Agency today and get the ideal Rat Pack tribute for your event.

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