When you are ready to book the entertainment for your next event, you can blow your guests’ minds by hiring the Corporate Entertainment Agency’s Queen and Freddy Mercury tribute acts, your audience will know and love their biggest hits.  They are Iconic in the world of music and our impersonates deliver their performances with stunning accuracy.

The authentic Freddy Mercury and Queen tribute acts will help you to create the perfect atmosphere for the event.  The legendary Queen numbers will be performed by seasoned performers and they are able to create an experience of a lifetime by perfectly delivering the look and sound of one of the most widely recognized bands in the world.  Booking a Queen and Freddie Mercury tribute performance will ensure that your guests have an amazing time at the event.  It doesn’t matter if there are going to be 10 people or 1000 people at the event, their performances will electrify and amaze your audience!

Check out our TRIBUTE ACTS below!