Nairobi Acrobats

Our Nairobi Acrobats show is anĀ energetic paced act and humorous African dances with incredible acrobatic skills and is the perfect entertainment for:


Nairobi Acrobatics group are a broad network of well organized unique disciplined talented performers with a vast experience and exuberance.

Since establishment, they have been running locally and internationally in different scenes such as theatres, theme parks, hotels & resorts, festivals and corporate events.

Their showcase is based on performances of amazing energetic acrobatics and African dances, full of humor and ingenuity, ideal for entertaining all kind of audiences and can be performed in most manner of venues.

The performances features variety of acts full of a wonderful mix of traditional African instruments and western-style, such as; formation of human pyramids, rope skipping and hoops diving techniques, the flaming limbo dance, chairs equilibrium, juggling, fire and many other more acts.

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