Mentalist Australia

High profile corporate entertainer, Mentalist Australia , is known as Australia's TV Mentalist & Hypnotist, having performed many times on LIVE national television shows, including the Today Show, Studio 10 & the Morning Show. He has advised on set of blockbuster Hollywood movies, training A-list celebrities in his craft, and received a standing ovation from audience & judges for his stunning water tank escape on Australia's Got Talent.

After receiving 5 star reviews for his 2 award winning shows at the 2015 Adelaide Fringe, Mentalist Australia won his 2nd consecutive award from the 2015 Melbourne Magic Festival! He now headlines the world’s largest international cruise lines, as well as the world’s only 6 star luxury cruise theatres with his unique and mind-blowing performances. But what is lesser known is that his start came from the studies of psychological mind reading at the young age of 8, when he discovered his father’s book on body language reading techniques! With these many years of experience, Mentalist Australia has created a masterpiece portfolio of award winning shows specifically tailored to and designed for individual audience platforms, with his specialty being corporate events. Not many entertainers can truly ‘WOW’ a corporate audience, and even less have such a high rate of turning sceptics into astounded believers. When it comes to booking an event, Mentalist Australia presents a variety of options for all clientele to deliver the perfect entertainment experience for any event; including corporate workshops, weddings, private events, and more..

Two of his most popular and valued show options are:

‘Psyche!’ Award Winning Mentalism Show – Unlike any entertainment of today, this mind-blowing, Award Winning Masterpiece, is one of the most psychologically advanced shows in all of Australia! With a natural ability to warm any crowd, Mentalist Australia comical charm, charisma and, of course, unparalleled mind-trickery & skill will bend and twist the minds of your audience by making what is seemingly impossible.. possible, right before their eyes! Raise your entertainment level to new heights and guarantee your guests an unforgettable time by offering a complete entertainment experience.

‘Mind Games’ Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show – One of the most UNIQUE and HILARIOUS comedy stage Hypnosis shows in all of Australia. Having performed internationally, including headlining in Vegas, Mentalist Australia has changed the game in the world of stage hypnosis and is renowned for his incredible balance of care for his volunteers and ability to perform some of the fastest hypnosis inductions around. His completely hilarious hypnotic suggestions and routines will have your guests laughing hysterically and wanting more!

No one believes just how mind blowing these shows are until they witness it for themselves. Forget the cheesy magicians performing the same old tired routines, book Mentalist Australia today, & enjoy a successful event!

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