You can now make your special event more futuristic thanks to our incredible LED dancers.  Hire our LED dancers and let them create a cheerful & generally jovial feeling at your ceremony.  Their knowledge about the latest entertainment techs and their inspiring costumes is an assurance of the best results.

They are certainly suitable for a wide range of events including brand reveals, product launches, parties and many more.  At the Corporate Entertainment Agency, we offer a series of LED dance troupes ranging from solo dancers to as many dancers as you would like to have.  We additionally offer high impact shows and our dancers always create the wow-factor.

The team of dancers is capable of performing numerous routines, for instance street, martial arts, cheer leading, contemporary, hip hop and break-dance.  This is proof enough that they’ve got the talent and the fact that they’ve performed on various Got Talent Shows is evident enough that they have something good for your event.  Contact us and hire our LED dancers to benefit from their top-class modern dances.  If you do so, you should be rest assured that you will enjoy a cheerful crowd at your special event.

Check out our AMAZING DANCE ACTS below!