At Corporate Entertainment Agency we offer well-trained and professional jump rope dancers for all of your events.  Our performers have vast years of experience in their profession who are capable of creating the best possible conference, party and occasion every time.  From company events to opulence parties both in the country and across the world, our experienced crew of professional jump rope dancers will deliver together every aspect of your occasion to make it an unforgettable and successful event.

An essential part of any occasion is the entertainment and as one among the foremost entertainment agencies in the country, we are constantly seeking innovative, original and imaginative acts, both from our country and globally.  This makes us capable of offering new and exciting ideas for every type of occasion through our professional jump rope dancers.

Our jump rope dancers have vast experience across the event industry and guarantee to deliver high standards of skill and high-end entertainment with immense attention to detail and an individual and gracious touch for every occasion.  Visit our website today to complete the enquiry form, naming the occasion, you like to book and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Check out our AMAZING DANCE ACTS below!