To impress guests at an event, hire the Corporate Entertainment Agency’s Hollywood & Oscars themed acts to leave guests with their own red carpet experience.  Creating an occasion that makes people feel like they are part of the Hollywood Elite is easy to do, if you have access to some of the best themed performers on the planet!  Now, creating the atmosphere of an awards show or movie premiere is easily achieved with the amazing skills of these top notch performance actors!

More than ever, the world of celebrity is something that every person is subjected to; it is glamorized on television, in the movies, on magazines and just about everywhere you turn.  Becoming a celebrity, and/or ever being able to rub elbows with a favorite celebrity is no small feat and for many, it is something that will never realistically happen.  BUT, the good news is that the glamour and buzz that surrounds the successful celebrities can be brought to life with professional actors and performers.  From Brad Pitt to Sean Connery, Marilyn Monroe to Ozzy Osborne and everyone in between, guests can experience first hand how it feels to be among the celebrities of their dreams!

Check out our THEMED ACTS below!