Hire the Best Robots in the USA

Hire the Best robots For Your Next Corporate Event

Embracing the cutting-edge trend of robot hire for corporate events by introducing a futuristic and engaging dimension to your event. These sophisticated robots are adept at seamlessly guiding attendees through the event’s agenda, interacting, and conveying key information with your guests. Their interactive capabilities and customizable features allow for a tailored event experience that captivates participants and leaves a lasting impression. By incorporating robot hire into corporate events, companies demonstrate their commitment to innovation and offer a unique blend of technology and AI interaction, resulting in a memorable and impactful occasion that stands out in the business world.

Types of Robots


Server Robot 

Experience the joy of an innovative, cutting-edge real robot designed exclusively to bring entertainment and promotional flair to businesses worldwide! This interactive robot has wowed audiences across the United States and around the globe with his quirky, animated face and the ability to serve drinks, canapés or merchandise. Completely mobile and equipped with adjustable features, it boasts digital sound effects that enhance its charm. Its captivating blue eyes illuminate the surroundings, and you have the option to personalize it further by incorporating your corporate logos.

Screen Robot

Completely mobile, this delightful robot glides effortlessly throughout the entire venue, radiating positivity and joy! Its versatile voice spans from the deep resonance of Darth Vader to the cheerful tones of Mickey Mouse and everything imaginable in between. Enhanced by captivating blue illuminated eyes, it can turn its head to make direct eye contact, and its red mouth lights playfully signal interactions. When equipped with a serving tray or giveaway holder, this charismatic robot becomes the ultimate attention magnet, captivating patrons with its mesmerizing presence. In fact, you can even let it loose on the dance floor for an extra dose of entertainment!

Interactive Robot

Presenting an energetic Trade Show Robot that delivers a captivating and unforgettable presence at trade shows, exhibitions, technology events, and conferences. Boasting advanced audio-visual features and vibrant interactive presentations, this robot’s affable demeanor and sharp humor effortlessly seize the focus of attendees. This unique ability enables the robot to effectively convey crucial messages regarding products, brands, and companies, leaving a distinct and lasting impression. By fostering strong connections and leaving a mark on prospective clients, these robots guarantee that attendees carry a deep understanding well beyond the event’s conclusion. Elevating any brand, this robot injects vitality and enduring significance into the experience.

Nightclub Robots

Elevating the nightlife experience to unprecedented heights, robots have seamlessly integrated into the vibrant atmosphere of nightclubs, transforming the dance floor into an electrifying spectacle. With their dazzling LED lights and dynamic movements, these futuristic performers captivate club-goers with their unique choreography and interactive routines. As they effortlessly glide across the stage, their synchronized routines create an immersive audiovisual feast that syncs harmoniously with the pulsating beats of the music. The fusion of cutting-edge technology and creative artistry in the form of these nightclub robots has redefined entertainment, offering patrons an unforgettable and futuristic dance floor encounter that transcends the ordinary.

Hire best robots in the USA
Hire the Best Robots in the USA
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Our Top Robots


Introducing our lineup of trade show robots available for rent, tailor-made for exhibition booths and conventions. These robots are specifically designed to empower exhibitors by attracting substantial crowds and presenting their products and services in an interactive manner.

Are you searching for promotional robots to enhance your upcoming trade show or exhibition presence? Elevate your booth above the competition and draw massive crowds with our Promotional Walkabout Roaming Robot.

Consider leveraging promotional roaming robots to amplify your company or brand promotion at trade shows. Engineered to captivate attention, engage audiences, and drive sales, these robots prove especially effective in highlighting new products and services.

Promotional humanoid robots offer a remarkably cost-efficient approach to business promotion, effectively reaching potential customers with a better return on investment compared to other marketing strategies. Their inherent interactivity and entertainment value make them impossible to overlook.

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Robots Deliver Exceptional Value

Robots deliver exceptional value for trade shows, exhibitions, technology events, and conferences. Equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and an unparalleled ability to captivate audiences through direct communication, they have left their mark across 46 different countries, engaging with audiences from numerous Fortune 500 companies.

A Trade Show Robot not only infuses your event with a futuristic allure but also extends a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your guests. Coupled with a sharp sense of humor and an engaging personality, they deliver clear and concise messages that leave audiences well-informed about your brand, business, and product. This compelling combination fosters lasting connections with potential customers, ensuring that your event and your brand remain etched in their memory.

Boasting a self-balancing, motorized mobility base that effortlessly navigates various spaces, the Trade Show Robot also features a customizable chest-mounted screen for displaying logos, messages, and videos, allowing for personalized branding.

Beyond their captivating walkabout interactions, they command a commanding presence on stage, captivating audiences both on and off the event floor. Their dynamic appearance, endearing character, and spontaneous humor contribute to their memorability.

This innovative robotic presence brings a fresh perspective to any production or event, blending cutting-edge technology with a genuine human touch.


Unlocking the Future of Corporate Events: The Rise of Robot Hire

In today’s ever-evolving landscape of event planning and entertainment, the introduction of humanoid robots has revolutionized the way we envision corporate events. From futuristic dance floor companions to engaging greeters, robots for hire have swiftly become an indispensable element of various types of events, extending beyond the realms of mere novelty.

Robots for Hire: A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities

From the dazzling realm of dancing robots that light up the night with LED displays to the sophisticated charm of humanoid greeters, the scope of robot rentals is as diverse as the kinds of events they enhance. Corporate events now witness the emergence of party robots that effortlessly blend entertainment and technology, ensuring an unforgettable experience for attendees. Whether it’s weaving through the crowd to greet guests or providing interactive entertainment, robots for events are rewriting the narrative of engagement and excitement.

Robotic Companions for Every Occasion

The versatility of robots for hire knows no bounds. Imagine an amazing robot bartender, expertly mixing drinks while sparking conversations with attendees, or a mobile robot acting as an original character, adding a touch of whimsy to themed events. For corporate events that require a blend of entertainment and information dissemination, robots can also serve as incredible keynote speakers, capturing the audience’s attention with their realistic appearance and captivating presence.

From Wedding Receptions to Corporate Seminars: Embracing the Robotic Wave

While the initial perception might relegate robots to tech exhibitions or futuristic showcases, the reality is that they’ve found their way into a myriad of events. From intimate wedding receptions that witness the charm of a robot greeter welcoming guests, to large-scale corporate seminars featuring giant robot characters that captivate attendees, robot performances add a layer of intrigue and excitement that transcends traditional entertainment.

Walking Among Us: The Impact of Walkabout Robots

One of the most captivating forms of robot entertainment for events is the walkabout robot. Towering up to 8 feet tall and adorned with LED lights, these mobile robots roam the event space, seamlessly engaging attendees and adding an element of awe. Their presence turns any dance floor into a mesmerizing performance arena, redefining the way we perceive entertainment.

Robots on the Rise: What to Consider When Hiring

When contemplating the integration of robots for corporate events, partnering with an experienced team is crucial. Their expertise ensures seamless execution, from programming the robot’s movements to coordinating its interactions with guests. It’s essential to choose a robot that suits the event’s theme and objectives. Whether it’s a humanoid robot greeting guests, a robot bartender concocting drinks, or a robot for exhibitions, each serves a distinct purpose that can elevate the event experience.

The Future Unveiled: Where Robot Hire Takes Us

As we witness the swift evolution of service robots, their role in corporate events continues to expand. From captivating attendees at trade shows and exhibitions to leaving a lasting impression at conferences, robot performances have transcended novelty to become an integral part of event planning. The dynamic interplay between technology and entertainment they bring has the power to transform corporate events into immersive experiences that redefine engagement.

In the ever-changing landscape of event planning, the phenomenon of robot hire for corporate events promises an exciting journey into the future, where robots seamlessly blend with human interactions to create unforgettable and unparalleled event experiences.

8 Tips when hiring a robot for your event from booker’s perspective. 

Depending on the Types of events that you are running, here are some tips that you will find useful when hiring an Event Robot. 

Define Your Event Objectives: Clearly outline the goals and objectives of your event. Determine how a robot’s presence can enhance these objectives, whether it’s attracting attention, engaging attendees, or promoting a specific product or message.

Research Robot Types: Explore the diverse range of robots available for events. From interactive humanoid robots to mobile robots with customizable features, understand which type aligns best with your event’s theme and purpose.

Assess Technical Requirements: Consider the technical aspects such as power sources, connectivity, and space requirements. Ensure that the venue can accommodate the robot’s mobility and any necessary equipment.

Engagement Features: Evaluate the robot’s interactive capabilities, such as speech, gestures, and personalized branding options. Opt for features that can effectively engage your target audience and deliver your event’s message.

Customization Options: Check whether the robot can be customized to match your event’s branding, including logos, colors, and messages. A personalized touch enhances the robot’s integration into your event’s overall theme.

Content Integration: Discuss how the robot can convey your event’s content, whether through pre-programmed scripts, real-time information updates, or interactive Q&A sessions. Ensure the robot can effectively communicate your messages.

Logistics and Support: Inquire about logistics, setup, and technical support provided by the robot provider. Ensure they offer assistance in case of any technical glitches during the event.

Budget and ROI: Determine the budget allocation for hiring a robot and evaluate the potential return on investment. Consider factors such as increased foot traffic, engagement, and the lasting impression the robot can leave on attendees.