Treat your guests to an expierence like none other and hire the Corporate Entertainment Agency’s Dolly Parton tribute acts!  A world-renown singer and songwriter, actress and incredible businesswoman, Dolly Parton has seen the highest forms of success in every venture she undertakes.  Whether you are in Europe, Asia, South America, Canada or the USA, you have no doubt heard and seen Ms. Dolly on the radio and movie screen.  Our Dolly Parton impersonators will help you create the best possible event and performance for your guests.

Known as the “Queen of Country Music”, Dolly is a true Icon.  She is famous for her looks, of course, but more importantly, she is an amazing performer and she captivates the attention of everyone when she is performing and is an amazing performer.  Additionally, her personality and spunk like nobody else on the planet.  Our Dolly performer has worked hard to really capture the entire package that we know of as Dolly Parton.  Hire our Dolly Parton tribute artists and watch your guests become completely enamoured with her charm and talent.  They will hear some of Dolly’s biggest songs and will be able to interact with her, too!  It will be an unforgetable event for everyone in attendence!

Check out our TRIBUTE ACTS below!