Country Artist

Our Country Artist believes in the deep tradition of country music and the people it’s for. It’s about great stories delivered by great singers. That belief won him the People’s Choice Award at Iowa State’s “Cyclone Idol”. It’s also taken him to stages across the USA to perform with stars and kindred spirits like Kellie Pickler, James Otto, and Confederate Railroad.

* Enjoy world-class singing that will have your guests talking for weeks to come!
* Soothing vocals effortlessly grab the audience and puts a smile on their face.
* Perfect for the most intimate settings as well as larger events.
* Audiences will laugh, dance, and sing along to country favorites from 60’s-today! Neil even encourages requests from the audience when appropriate.

Our Country Artist’s music isn’t another clone from the glossy Nashville pop machine, even though he dips into town for writing and recording sessions regularly. “I really respect artists like Travis Tritt and Vince Gill who were a triple threat of singing, playing, and writing, Glenn Campbell wrote such difficult songs and made them look so easy to play. And that’s the kind of musicianship I aspire to.” Having his home base in Iowa keeps him in touch with what the Heartland and country music are really about.

Traditional country is full of tales of love found and lost and this artist brings some colorful love stories to life with songs like his latest single, A Place That Time Can’t Change, that he co-wrote with hit songwriter Don Goodman (Ol’ Red – Blake Shelton; Angels Among Us – Alabama). Life is also about taking chances and going your own way as he illustrates in Roll the Dice. But Good Thing at a Bad Time shows us that taking a leap at that dream often means giving up something else nearly as precious.

He is happy to dive into his treasure trove of country’s best covers. But he really shines when he brings out his own stash of songs that manage to sound both freshly minted and friendly like a pair of worn in boots. His songs are the sound of a true student of country music bringing together the best parts and matching them up with contemporary yet timeless stories.

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