Coldplay Cover Band Brazil

Founded in São Paulo, Coldplay Cover Band Brazil aims to tribute one of the largest and most revolutionary of today's bands, to satisfy everyone who admire and identify listening to Coldplay and integration with the spirit of the band, they want to convey all the energy of the songs of this musical phenomenon!

The band started in late 2007 by old friends and after two years of hard efforts from these experienced musicians, the Coldplay Cover Band Brazil band was invited to participate in the exhibit “The Imitators” in Domingão program Faustão the Global Television Network.

After two appearances the band took off and did several shows throughout the country, including Acre, Goiania, Recife, Minas Gerais, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, several shows in São Paulo and numerous performances in the capital. In 2008 the band released their first CD demo with six songs, two of each cd released by original band. Highlights for “Clocks ” and “Yellow”, which boosted the band’s concerts in the capital of São Paulo. Later in May 2010, Coldplay Cover Band Brazil recorded their first DVD, with fifteen songs in one of the largest concert halls of Brazil, Girus Disco Show in Para de Minas, MG. Since then the band has been growing more and more.

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