When it comes to family entertainment for all ages, our huge roster of performers and acts makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.  No matter what type of event, whether a birthday bash, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, a holiday party or school function, our family shows will entertain, enthrall and delight no matter how old or young at heart you are.

Hire an international children’s show and create a lifetime of memories.  Book one of our walkabout entertainers to mingle with the crowd at your outdoor event, passing out treats and tricks to bystanders.  Imagine the wide eyes of the children as they stare up at a colorful character 9-feet tall on stilts, walking and performing tricks effortlessly to the delight of all.  Or book one of our massively talented magicians to perform mesmerizing feats of illusion, with nothing but charm up their sleeves.  Invite the Invisible Men to appear and disappear at a blink of an eye, or body painted animals to prowl through the crowds to play fun tricks with the young ones.  Hire a children’s show that features Dancing Robots  or talking puppets to interact with kids and adults of all ages.  No matter what style of family show you choose or the event location, indoors or out, you are assured of professional, family-friendly entertainment that everyone can and enjoy.

Check out our AMAZING STAGE ACTS below!