Hire Entertainment for Casinos

Two of the top casinos in the UK have regular VIP events for their members and recently they had a Moroccan themed evening where they gave away trips to Morocco, amongst other incredible prizes. For this particular VIP event they booked, from the Corporate Entertainment Agency, various artists including a snake charmer, two musicians playing Arabic music, henna artist and belly dancers.


The events were over two locations in London and Milton Keynes and over two nights in July and August. The London casino has more tables than any other casino in the UK, has a large selection of wine bars and a stunning restaurant.  Both restaurants have regular events and book our stunning entertainment.

Client testimonial:

“The food and entertainment were superb. Musicians, Belly Dancer, Henna and Snake Charmer were brilliant.

 Snake charmer certainly caused a stir!  She went walk about on the gaming floor which was very funny!”