Caricaturist Barcelona

Caricaturist Barcelona draws quick caricatures at corporate events worldwide, drawn digitally on iPad, conventionally on paper or painted with red wine or coffee.  He can prepare specially designed personalised templates with the company logo incorporated.

Caricaturist Barcelona is a multi-talented professional artist with many years of experience cartooning for international newspapers, magazines and live TV.  He is English and based in Barcelona.  Having studied graphic design at Berkshire College of Art, Reading, he worked as a copywriter at advertising agency Young & Rubicam, London, from 1988 to 1992.  The following year he moved to Barcelona and shortly after, began to collaborate as the caricaturist for the local newspaper ECO.  Since then he has collaborated as a freelance illustrator working for press, books, advertising, theatre and TV in Spain and in other countries with clients.

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