Hailing from the beautiful, cultural land of Brazil, capoeira dancers sure know how to put on an action-packed show. With an incredible fusion of dance and martial arts, these highly skilled performers will keep you on your toes and thrill your senses from the get go!  The excitement is carried through the entire show with a mix of stunning acrobatics, upbeat music and flawless dance moves. Some of the highlights to look forward to in the show include some very unique martial arts moves in the form of kicks, twists and turns.

Known for having rhythm in their bones, these Brazilian capoeira dancers move to the beat with perfect synchronisation and excellent stamina and flexibility. The confidence and charm of the performers matched with fast, technical movements, come together to create a truly unique and memorable show for the audience.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to get a genuine feel of Brazilian entertainment and culture at your next event. Suitable for a variety of gatherings such as private parties, festive occasions, themed parties, cultural programs and more!  When putting an event together, you need entertainment that will not only hold your guests’ attention, but leave them wanting more! You can’t go wrong with our captivating capoeira dancers who will treat event goers to a level of excitement like no other.

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