Belly Dancer Zoey

A captivating and authentic Middle Eastern entertainer, Belly Dancer Zoey is an international name in belly dance – she travels the world performing at prestigious venues and events, shooting in Arabic pop star music videos and working with the world’s most talented entertainment companies. Currently based in London, Zoey performs throughout the UK and regularly travels oversees for events including Morocco, Lebanon, Egpyt, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Some of her most notable performances include:

Performing live with Balkan Beat Box
Dancing in up and coming music videos with Aghanina TV, The BBC and Golden Touch Productions
Working alongside Sydney’s infamous Cdarz Entertainment
Live performance for Indian Singer Pankaj Udas ji
Dancing at Singapore’s 50th birthday party (national day)
Performing at some prestigious venues around the world including Sofitel hotels, The Sydney Opera House and Fairmont Hotel Singapore
Completing contracts in Australia and Singapore

Zoey has been dancing since the age of 7 and strives to continue her successful career by keeping her choreographies fresh and dynamic with influence from her master teacher training. Her earth quake like shimmies, fluent body undulations, sharp hip snaps and charismatic personality means she leaves her audience feeling mesmerised. Performances include multiple prop use from Isis wings, swords, saidi stick, fan veils and veils – and can include multiple performers from live Arabic drummers to additional belly dancers.

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