Belly Dancer Vienna

Our Belly Dancer Austria is professional teacher of Ballet, Modern-Contemporary Dance, Latin Ballroom, flamenco, performer, instructor, choreographer, director and producer of oriental events.

Our Belly Dancer Austria has performed in many countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, England, China, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Santo Domingo, Canada, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Cyprus, Poland, Russia, Bahrain & Dubai. This incredible dancer was also a featured performer in the closing gala of the famous “Ahlan Wa Sahlan” Festival in Egypt occurred and at the “Global Bellydance Conference” in China.

Our Belly Dancer owns a Dance Studio in Vienna, Austria. The Studio combines harmony with modern facilities and is the place for superstars of belly dance training and major events all around.

Our belly Dancer lives in Vienna and travels for various teaching positions and shows around the world.

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