If you need entertainment for a special event, a great way to go is to hire the Corporate Entertainment Agency’s Arabian Nights themed acts.  Guests will enjoy an evening of exciting performances and everybody knows that thoughts of the Orient tend to be about all things lush, romantic, exciting and magical.  Guests will not be disappointed and will talk about the event for years to come!  The trained and talented Arabic themed actors and musicians thrill audiences with a dazzling display of many skills, including: traditional dances, live musical performances, snake dancing, belly dancing and lavish decorations.

Wearing their elaborate costumes, the performers turn events into a customisable, interactive experience.  Your event will become an evening of opulant entertainment that is visual and audio food for the soul!  The Arabian Nights themed parties can take place in various kinds of spaces, with many different customisable performance.  Whether it is an event to launch a new product/company, a birthday party, wedding or another type of celebration, Arabian Nights will be a huge success!

Check out our THEMED ACTS below!