Whether it is for a family event, festival/carnival or another kind of celebration that needs fun and colour filled entertainment, hire the Corporate Entertainment Agency’s Animal & Jungle Theme performers to make it even more memorable.  People will be left with amazing memories that will be with them for many years after it has ended!  An extremely unique form of entertainment, the professional animal and jungle productions are executed by top-notch artists that are exceptionally skilled in their trade and they are equipped with incredible costumes.  Proudly and impressively, these actors have many skills in their arsenal, including: realistic and spot-on animal impressions, acrobatic talent and even body painting!

Jungle and Animal themed performers can take a venue and customise their performances based on what each client wants.  These actors can help to create a once in a lifetime experience for many different occasions/events.  If you are looking to bring in entertainment that will capture the attention of every guest, then hiring jungle and animal themed actors is the perfect source of entertainment!

Check out our THEMED ACTS below!