An intriguing way to really entertain an event’s audience in a big way is to Hire Alice in Wonderland.  Characters can be brought to life by professional actors, making sure guests of all ages have a chance to experience just what it feels like to go down the rabbit hole!  Drawing inspiration from the master Lewis Carroll, the roster of characters that can be incorporated in an Alice in Wonderland themed event is immense.  Completely captivating the hearts and minds of the audience, there are several different acts that can be implemented into a customised event, including: stage productions, musical numbers, characters that can walk among and entertain guests, circus performers, ice skating performances and much more!

These skilled and experienced performers are thoroughly engaging and able to mix many different elements into each production. Their make-up and costumes are incredibly detailed and their musical and vocal skills are unrivalled.  Completely customising each act is the perfect way to be sure that each and every guest will be impressed and entertained from start to finish!

Check out our THEMED ACTS below!