For an entertainment agent a lot of your time is spent in the office, behind the stage or out of view of any entertainment during the event, so it was a great pleasure for the Corporate Entertainment Agency team this week to meet a group of very talented magicians and mind readers who showed us a few tricks, we all spent most of the time trying to work out how it was done but we were left none the wiser. iPad Magician UK Keelan and Mind Reader Rob amazed us with their skills and tricks involving digital magic, traditional card tricks and mind reading.

Also this week we had an office trip to see the London’s Magic Spectacular – Impossible at the Noel Coward theatre, which featured some well known and incredibly talented magicians. The show involved digital illusion, mind reading grand stage illusion, close up magic with audience participation and stunts. To create your own Impossible event get in touch with our account managers today and we can recommend the top artists for hire in the UK or the rest of the world.

We had a great week of magic and were highly impressed with the new performances we saw from the iPad Magician UK and Mind Reader.