The Wild West is widely known as being one of the craziest time periods in American culture.  Now, you can have that mysterious and exciting period in time right at your fingertips!  For your special event’s entertainment, hire the Corporate Entertainment Agency’s Wild West performers to bring all the legends to life.  Guests will be left in awe and speaking of that event for a long time into the future.

The acts can be totally customised so that no matter what kind of party or event is being thrown, the Wild West themed performances will be just what the doctor ordered.  Mixing various dance routines and musical abilities helps to create the ambiance of really traveling to the days of the Wild West.  The performers are experts at the art of stunts, realistic shootouts, lasso tricks, interactive music and their costumes help to really make a statement.  Guests at any kind of gathering are sure to enjoy a taste of the Wild West!

Check out our THEMED ACTS below!