Since the eighties, break dancing has been a central aspect of mainstream culture, with new styles coming up every now and then.  B-boys and b-girls usually light up any hip-hop, pop or funk party, depending on the rhythm and beat of a song, professional break dancers can integrate genres that digress slightly from hiphop. The key thing for a street dancer is the beat of a song.  Street Dance entertainment can be purely break dancing or could involve break dancing as part of a series of entertainment acts.  Events centred around street dancing are quite common all around the world, if you just want to throw a general party, product launch, album launch, celebration or promotion, street dancers are a great way to captivate the crowd.

Professional break dancers have perfected the art of top rock, power moves, down rock and freezes, which are the four elements of the dance and they generally evolved from other moves which were also developed in the streets.  They also embody aspects of acrobatic performances.

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This form of dancing first caught the attention of mainstream media in the late seventies and early eighties, originally from the streets of New York or the East Coast.  African American and Puerto Rican youth are credited with inventing and popularising the style at around the same time hip hop was coming up and the two blended perfectly.  Funk music came up later in the eighties and was only slightly different from hip hop, making it another perfect tune for b-boys to break dance to.  The dancers can be referred to as break dancers, b-boys, b-girls or just street dancers, in reference to the streets where the dance originated from.

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