Astonishing Sand Stories performed by top artists for any type of event around the world

At the Corporate Entertainment Agency we have the best Sand Artists from around the world for your wedding, gala dinner, private party, trade show and corporate event, they will produce stunning bespoke stories especially for your brand, wedding love story or the special VIP at your event. Each of our artists have unique qualities such as multi coloured light boxes, performances with products other than sand, or choreographed to certain music, speak to our expert account managers to find out which of our artists are best for your particular event.

Our top, unique sand artists can perform live at your event or even pre-record performances to save on travel and production costs, our artists have produced bespoke stories for wedding proposals and birthday greetings. Sand artists are the perfect entertainment idea to promote your brand, product, bespoke stories of how your company began to current with a logo reveal at the end. 


Entertainment Ideas

Sand Artist Mexico

Bespoke Entertainment

Sand Artist Poland

Winter Wonderland

Snow Artist

Bespoke Entertainment

Salt Animation

Bespoke Entertainment

Sand Artist Italy

Bespoke Entertainment

Sand Artist Iryna