Nothing says “traditional, festive and lively musical entertainment” better than hiring Mariachi Bands!  Tracing their roots as far back as 19th Century Mexico, these amazing musicians will have your guests completely captivated as soon as they begin to play for them.  These groups have mastered the art of joyful performance and will help make your event a huge success!

No matter what kind of party or event you are hosting and no matter what size the venue, a Mariachi Band will easily transport guests back in time and will create a brilliant atmosphere for your guests.  Wearing brilliant traditional Mariachi costumes and expertly playing all of the most popular Mariachi sounds, these musicians easily captivate the attention of all that are in attendance.  The bands can vary in size (from Solo acts all the way up to a 12 piece band) and can work closely with you to customise whatever sound you are looking for.  They can perform on a stage or can walk around the venue for intimate performances, whatever you prefer.  Bring your event a genuine taste of “Old Mexico” that will be remembered far after the event has finished.

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