Hire Jazz, Swing, Blues & Jive Performers

Every great party must have some really great entertainment; hiring Jazz, Swing, Blues & Jive musicians and performers will definitely be some awesome entertainment! Highly trained musicians and vocalists will do what it takes to make sure that everyone at the festivities are having the time of their lives!

These incredibly gifted performers specialise in taking your guests back in time. Travelling back to the times of some of the incomparable musicians of those bygone eras, these performers offer high-energy, authentic musical experiences. Their portfolios are diverse and they cover many different styles, including: Swing, Jazz, Jive and Blues. Offering the sounds of big bands, 5-piece bands, piano acts and ensembles that specialise in Jazz, there are both bands and solo artists that can be hired. as well.

Our Jazz artists cover songs from top Jazz, Swing and Blues artists and the musicians/performers can work with you to create the perfect performance for your particular gathering.  Whether you are throwing a large or small event, your guests will surely be impressed!

Check out our AMAZING MUSICIANS below!