At the Corporate Entertainment Agency we have the perfect addition to your parties or gatherings with more liveliness and fun by providing the services of Living Human Statues on hire, these are the the same street artists that you see frequently performing as statues at any subway, parks, parties, weddings, events and on television.  Now think of such artists performing on any event, gathering or party that you have hosted!

You can now hire these living human statues at very low and affordable prices on our website.  We have a very wide range of human statue themes for you to choose from, like characters from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Cartoon shows, Mythological creatures like Mermaids, Cupids, Centaurs and many more, Historical and Political figures like Lincoln, Roosevelt, Stalin and don’t forget we have Hitler too.

Our live statue artists are so skillful and talented that they can take anyone by surprise.  Just imagine the happiness on your kids faces when they see a live mermaid statue or a live Cupid statue performing on their upcoming birthday parties.  With the presence of these living statues at any of your events or any party occasions the guests are going to enjoy such an innovative idea of decoration added with amusement and enjoyment.  We keep the priorities of our customers on top, therefore we are always ready to provide any special theme based living human statue on the request of our customers.