Champagne Aerialists or Aerial Bartenders are an incredible visual at your event, as guests enter your venue, the stunning and beautiful artists hang from the ceiling on specialist aerial hoops or from a free-standing structure and serve your guests champagne, wine, soft drinks or any liquid of your choice!  The Champagne artists not only perform on aerial hoops but they also have glamorous chandeliers they can hang from to create a real wow factor at your event. The aerial performers can be the centre of attention at your event or they can try and blend into the background and be an additional, beautiful extra for your guess to enjoy.

The Corporate Entertainment Agency’s champagne aerialists are the perfect entertainment for corporate events, weddings, private parties, outside festivals, gala dinners and product launches, with artists based in various countries around the world the Corporate Entertainment Agency can supply these incredible Champagne aerial performers for your next special event.

Check out our AMAZING AERIAL ARTISTS below!