Hire an LED and laser show to impress your corporate guests with the revealing of your new logo or concept, electronically splashed across the bodies of the LED Poi Dancers as they boogie their way around trade show floors or at a corporate dinner.  By harnessing the power of high-tech theme entertainment, you’re creating a highly memorable and favorable experience for all who are lucky enough to be invited.  Using state-of-the-art UV is the key to brilliant special effects, using exceptionally gifted LED and laser performers is the key to jaw-dropping, soul-moving performances.  We happen to be holding the keyring of laser and LED acts offered to book for fully customised shows around the world.

If Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison knew what our insanely talented laser light performers were doing with their findings, they’d wish they had front-row seats to any of our UV Glow, LED and Laser shows.  When you combine graceful moves of light dancers with the vibrancy of LED props, you create an experience that is as visceral as it is visual.  For example, our Light Dancers Paris boasts performers from the acclaimed Cirque Du Soleil, designing an LED dance performance incorporating colourful designs and stunning choreography that will leave you begging for an encore.  Or our brand-new Acro Glow Show that defies normal acrobatics and uses technology to create a visual spectacle that baffles the brain.

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Poi Acts, hula hoops, Cyr Wheels, batons, and bodies, no matter where the LED’s and lasers shine from, you’re guaranteed to light up the crowd while they light up the night.  Our music laser shows are not just for corporate events or brand reveals, our corporate entertainers love performing at private functions to help make memories that last a lifetime.  Book a laser act to light up the night at a grand opening, or invigorate an audience at the end of a long ceremony.  Invite one of our Hula Hoop Performers to add a little juice to an indoor or outdoor function, hula-hooping their way into peoples’ hearts.

Check out our AMAZING LED AND LASER ACTS below!