Street Entertainment

We have a great selection of street entertainment for your event.  Pick from the following hilarious, quirky characters…

Lord of the bins

Pirates of Menspants

Viva Las Wedding

The Crocodile Hunters

Wannabe TV

Gifted the Space Cadet

Bill Insgate and his Fishermans Friend

The Umpires Strikes Back


We have a great selection of street entertainment for your event.  Pick from the following hilarious, quirky characters…

Lord of the bins – Gandalf Garbage and Frodo Bin-Baggins (Can you see what I did there?) Two very special puppets perched on their very own bins, with a mission to save Middle Earth with their unique recycling message. This can be tailor-made to fulfil each individual client’s eco-friendly remit.

Pirates of Menspants – Two dashing, bearded, sea shanty-singing pirates, recruit new shipmates by wooing the crowds from aboard their barnacled covered ship. They will entertain with their tall pirate tales and sea-shanty hits such as “What’s that coming over the hull…is it a mackerel?” and Amy Boathouse’s “They tried to make me sail to rehab but I said row, row, row!”

Viva Las Wedding – The Elvis Parsley twins cordially invite you to…the world’s only mobile, walk-through wedding chapel*. Complete with confetti, rings and honeymoon tickets.* (correct at the time of print)

The Crocodile Hunters – Aussie professional crocodile wrestlers Will and Al Catchett…are looking for help to track down the elusive British Croc. Who knows – they might even take time out for a bush-tucker trial. Watch and squirm as they take on the challenge of eating a day-old high streetsausage roll.

Wannabe TV – Forget X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, this is a new breed of reality TV. Wannabe TV’s presenter Derek Dangerfield and over eager cameraman / makeup artist Bri Focal are on a mission to catapult willing “wannabes” to instant fame. They are more than happy to give the red-carpet treatment at any event – asking guests who they are wearing – Gucci or Primani?

Gifted the Space Cadet – The much-loved lycra-clad hero is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Bearing gifts of yellow Y-fronts from far away galaxies, the audience will find themselves in a cosmic, comic game show with a mind-bending, crowd-pulling finale.

Bill Insgate and his Fishermans Friend Shrimp fisherman Bill Insgate and his Fisherman’s Friend aboard HMS MDF will entertain the crowds with their tall tales of fishing prowess including how to flip a flounder and catch a cockle!

The Umpires Strikes Back – Get ready to stand by for a “Leg-bye,” shout more for “four” as two of England’s finest umpires lay down the cricketing law on the wicket / streets of Britain. Howzat! The Umpires provide a humorous / visual photo opportunity for the spectators. We get members of the crowd dressed up in cricket gear and if appropriate we get them to join in a cricket themed dance incorporating lots of umpire moves (leg bye etc). We talk about our favourite cricket teas, juggle cricket balls and generally have good cricket banter with the crowd. We do an autograph hunting section with the crowd finding famous cricketing look-a-likes and getting them to sign our bat. It is all about creating a fun atmosphere, tapping into the crowd’s cricketing psyche!

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