Sideshow Freakshow

This Sideshow Freakshow performer has been on the forefront of contemporary sideshow, circus, and vaudeville since he exploded onto the scene all those years ago.  Now, with over a decades worth of sideshow and circus experience, 9 Guinness world records under his belt and performance history that has seen him travelling the globe like a fugitive, the Freakshow is back from convict shores, ready to astound with his sideshow feats of strength, skill and dexterity.


This freakshows artist notoriously leave his audiences shocked, stunned and amazed. Showcasing world-class sideshow skills though acts that combine the performers talent, timing and blatant disregard for his own wellbeing, he will leave you speechless and mystified by the extent one man would go to in order to avoid getting a real job.

Acts include:
Sword swallowing
Neon light swallowing
Chainsaw juggling
Cigar box manipulation
Cranial corkscrew
Feats of strength
Dark clown
Human canon target
Themed fairy floss characters