Graffiti Artists

Add urban flair to your event with custom graffiti. Our graffiti artists aren’t teenage vandals, but rather highly trained and internationally acclaimed mural artists who can add an unforgettable dimension to the decor of your event.


Set the right tone with the decor of your event by hiring one of our talented graffiti artists to transform your space, temporarily or permanently, with a custom mural. Graffiti art is fresh and original while still being completely customizable to your event’s theme or colors. Our artists can even paint your corporate logo in an innovative style that makes your guests see your brand in a new light.

Our graffiti artists can provide more than decor for your event, let your guests be entertained by watching the layers of colors and shapes applied to the walls of your event space become murals.  The process of painting attracts guests of all ages and is the perfect backdrop for pictures posted to social media.  Our talented artists don’t have to be confined to walls. Add a distinctive flash of color and modern style to floors, doors, canvases, cars – if it will holds paint, our graffiti artists can make it something your guests will never forget.

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