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For anyone who is currently organising and planning his or her event, be it a social function, a family gathering or a private party, you’ve a chance of adorning your event with various forms of entertainment acts that will leave your guests mesmerised.  Even if you don’t have any entertainment ideas at the moment, hiring corporate entertainment services in Sussex will give you a peace of mind as you’ll get any type of an enchanting show you’ve ever wanted.  All our clients are entitled to choose from our wide range of entertainment options.  Corporate entertainment artists gather for weddings, beach parties, Christmas parties, evening soirees, weekend gatherings and much more.

Since our live bands, contact magicians, robots and stilt walkers work very hard to make sure everyone gets what he/she wants, they can always go an extra mile by performing outstanding acts to ensure your guests see, hear and feel what they’ve never had before.  Our artists can comfortably perform in grand Sussex theatres so brace up for exclusive excitement if you’re holding your event in Fabrica or in Brighton Dome art centres.


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