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You are probably wondering how you can make your next Christmas party a unique one by adding fun?  Well, you can hire corporate entertainment artists to perform at your party in any of the Northumberland neighbourhoods.  Our painters, bubble and circus performers and DJs promise to make your occasion funnier and entertaining than you would expect and if you want to bring retro style and great ice cream for your kids’ party, you’ll get a well-pimped ice cream van decked in full bunting and oozing the 60s glamour.  Our fire artists can also enthral your kids like never before.Nothing conjures up an amazing, weird and flaring carnival atmosphere quite like the iconic Flame Burlesque.

For those party lovers who are having their events hosted in large theatres like the Whitehouse Farm Centre, hiring corporate entertainment in Northumberland will sweep your guests’ feet making them mumble your event every time they are invited for a party.  So whatever kind of party you’re organising you can always rely on corporate entertainment artists if you really want to turn on your guests.


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