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Today, a private party isn’t a party if a DJ or a live band is not there to fill the atmosphere with sweet, charming tunes.  Corporate entertainment is more than just having bands perform, it’s more of getting circus performers, conjurers and other artists entertain your guests.  Your desire to have your event in North Yorkshire an enchanting one can be quenched by our various artists.  You can have your selection from a wide range of entertainment perks that we offer.  Choose an artist, an action or a performance that can theme up well for your specific occasion.  You stand a chance of making your event unrivalled if you let our artists perform in any of the top North Yorkshire theatres and public parks as well as high-end hotels.

Hooking up with the Corporate Entertainment Agency provides you and your guests an exclusive opportunity to meet top artists from all over the world.  Magicians, hula hoop actors, painters and many more artists from our entertainment agency are highly talented and you won’t be disappointed no matter what.


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