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In 2013, the city of Hull was voted the UK City of Culture 2017, this is a well deserved title, as Hull is home to several unique cultural attractions.  The Scale Lane bridge, lovingly dubbed the “pinball flipper” by residents, as it is able to rotate to allow ships to pass, is the only bridge in the UK upon which pedestrians may stand while it moves.  Hull is also home to the Deep, a museum, an environmental charity, and an aquarium all rolled into one.  From a distance, you could be forgiven for thinking aliens had landed, as the glass and aluminium structure is unearthly in appearance.  This, along with Hull’s plethora of free museums, and vibrant music scene, make Hull an interesting location for a corporate event.

As well as the aforementioned attractions, Hull also has many venues from which to choose from for your corporate event.  The De Vere Village Hotel with 8 meeting rooms and a capacity of 200 sits on the bank of the River Humber, and includes free parking as well as free Wi-Fi.  To add a little adventure to your corporate event and provide the perfect backdrop for your chosen entertainment, you can also hire the Deep to host your event.  With 40 sharks and 3500 fish swimming in the background, this is one venue you won’t forget in a hurry.  Where ever you decide to hold your event, it’s important that you keep your guests entertained, and this is where the Corporate Entertainment Agency comes in.

At Corporate Entertainment Agency (CEA) we offer a range of entertainment and we are dedicated to finding the best entertainment your money can buy, no matter what your budget, or requirements.  We often find that companies prefer to use our services to create bespoke shows catered to their particular event or field, and this is something we excel at, after the years of joint experience we all possess at CEA.  Give us a call today on: +44 (0) 20 7965 7372, and together we’ll realise your goals for your upcoming corporate event in Hull.


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