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Hampshire, birthplace of the famous author and poet Jane Austen, is well known for its many holiday options from B&B’s, to campsites, and holiday cottages, Hampshire has it all for the curious explorer.  Hampshire is a magical world of long walks, farmers’ markets, gardens and quaint little villages all waiting to be discovered by the many eager visitors each year.  Hampshire is also home to a number of corporate event venues, many of which are situated in scenic locations surrounded by woods, and sprawling farm fields.  Nestled among the trees of the New Forest lies the Carey’s Manor Hotel and SenSpa. With team building options both onsite, and offsite, on land and on water, and with a capacity of 150, this is the ideal event venue for larger groups. For smaller corporate events, the equally delightful Penton Park in Southern Hampshire, just an hour’s drive from London, has room for 80 guests and even offers activities such as duck herding!

With over 30 years of combined experience, we are confident that our Corporate Event Entertainment team can turn your corporate event into a grand spectacle that even your competitors will be impressed with. Corporate Entertainment Agency’s massive database, compiled over many years, and made up of artists from all over the world, is second to none in terms of scope, and this allows our team to select only the most suitable artists for your corporate event.  Dancers, magicians, sand artists, mime artists, and much more will be yours to use at your event. At CEA, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet our clients’ needs as quickly, and efficiently as possible whilst keeping you in the loop throughout the entire process.  No matter what your budget, or requirements, CEA will ensure that your corporate event is one for the history books. Call us today on: +44 (0) 7965 7372, or use our online form to start planning your corporate event.


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