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Entertainment can build or bring down an event, be it a corporate event or any other type of event.  It is thus important to give corporate entertainment the seriousness it deserves, among the purpose of corporate entertainment include creating brand awareness as well as creating publicity and interest of a product or a service to the audience.  At the Corporate Entertainment Agency, we always consider the above-mentioned points.  We make sure that your event is ever remembered for the right reasons.  With an experience of more than thirty years and a good reputation, we take pride in proving the best corporate entertainment in Cornwall.  Feel free to rely on us for each and every of your entertainment needs.

Forming the westernmost part southwest peninsula, Cornwall has a large number of venues that are perfect for holding corporate events.  Among these comfortable venues is the Cornwall Hotel which mainly caters for conferences and functions whether small or large.  With a stunning view of the coast, St Austell Business Park provides flexible spaces to carry out any corporate event. China Fleet Country club, The Business Space, Liberty House and the Royal Duchy hotel are among other excellent venues for corporate events and meetings.

At Corporate Entertainment Agency.com we offer a wide variety of entertainment options, therefore, we can cater for everything for your event in terms of entertainment such as aerial artists, acrobats, magicians or even mime artists and many others.  At the Corporate Entertainment Agency, we have solved all these for you.  Dance acts, digital magicians, DJs and drumming groups are also among our unending choices of entertainment just to take care of you corporate entertainment needs.  Visit us today for fresh and thrilling corporate entertainers who will make your event an immense victory as well as improve your corporate image.  Our services are modern and are loved by many of our clients.


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