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The Corporate Entertainment Agency is an international business that has been in the UK entertainment industry for the past three decades.  Although we specialise in digital and futuristic genres we also provide services for all kinds of entertainment.  Vintage, classical and many more are some of the genres we cater to.  Our list of performers is large and diverse and we can provide anyone from acrobats to aerial artists, mimes to magicians, sand artists to speed painters.  We have artists and performers for various events of various sizes.  In Blackpool, there are various venues where we can host corporate entertainment events.  This goes for the surrounding areas like Preston and Blackburn.  We have artists based both here in the UK and abroad and they include individuals of various skills and talents like; dancers, acrobats, models, musicians, singers, aerialists and circus artists.  Our performers have featured in some top clubs like The Hurlingham Club.  They have also become household names in places like the welsh Celtic Manor and the Bijou Club in Manchester.

We pay homage to British heritage by not only having UK based performers but also UK themed entertainment including costumes.  The costumes include historically accurate regalia from various periods in British history.  For more enquiry on the best this package has to offer, please contact our managers.  Our goal is to ensure your events are the very best and the best events deserve the best performers.

Performers of the Corporate Entertainment Agency can also be flown in from outside the British Isles to perform at your event.  CEA performers are comfortable in any country and any region and are available for performance at your event. The CEA can organise all the logistics of your event, which includes; flight booking, accommodation and production.  This makes it very convenient for our clients to get talent from literally anywhere in the world.

Blackpool’s location also means that more options are open to clients and more types of parties and events are viable.  The CEA can organise and manage events of any type and any location.  With our strong repertoire of talents and our extensive experience, CEA is the best choice for you today.  Here at the Corporate Entertainment Agency, our doors are open to you and we want to deliver exactly what you want and what is best for your event.  We offer first class service and entertainment just suited for your special events.  We have a reputation for responding fast and we are able to handle events of any scale.  There is no event too small or too large.  There is no event beyond our ability.  We can be reached at any of our offices here in the UK for any event whatsoever whether it is a wedding, party or corporate dinner.  So don’t hesitate, contact us today.


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