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There is more to Berkshire than horse racing, rugby and football.  Berkshire is home to amazing people and it’s the people not the place that makes a difference in everything.  If your family, workmates or company is planning a social event, why not try something new this time?  Juggling, games and those stunts are things of the past.  Hire corporate entertainment in Berkshire and give your audience the party they deserve.  The Corporate Entertainment Agency specialises in connecting the most talented artists all over the world and making them available to whoever wants a chance to see them, whatever your occasion in Berkshire weddings, malls, corporate events, private parties’ gala dinners and festivals we have top entertainers specially for you.

There is no end to the kind of entertainment available to you.  Youth and adults alike will love the circus acts that keep you at the edge of your seat, our Aerial musicians for instance give traditional gymnastics a twist as they play all kinds of musical instruments while spinning above you!  Performers such as the 70’s fever and the Classic Rock Tribute show make crowds gather at Festivals and concerts.  Not everything is about thrill and excitement, innocent fun is sometimes what people are after, acts featuring clowns, jugglers, dancing robots, cartoonists, and magicians make ideal entertainment for smaller gatherings involving children.  How about adult entertainment? Our different burlesque dancers with their sexy wear are perfect for private parties and if it happens to be a birthday party, our Happy Birthday performance is sure to amaze.

Whether you are holding an event in Berkham Village or the Berkshire Country Sports club, the Corporate Entertainment Agency has a handful of amazing ideas to fit both the venue and the occasion. A private party held indoors for example will be perfect for bands, orchestras and acrobatic performances.  If you involved in planning for your colleges next ball, what better way to hype the night with performers that match your party’s theme?  From belly dancing to Elvis or the Beatles themed entertainment, we definitely have something and someone to make your day.  The next time you decide to host a party that will be remembered for years to come, hire corporate entertainment in Berkshire.  Let us listen to your needs, help you select the best performances and sit with you as you witness the event unfold.


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