Planning an event and want to enjoy a customary Eastern Europe experience?  Our magnificent choice of dependable Cossack dancers will definitely bring you that feeling.  Cossack, which is also known as Gopak or Hopak is the National Dance of Ukraine and is an electrifying, composed dance offering the form of creativeness, and consists of striking energetic moves performed to customary music so as to create a contagious feeling of energy and carnival.

Our highly professional performers will surely bring an exceptional and cherished experience to the audiences in your event thus leaving them delighted and amazed with unbelievable gymnastic dives, spectacular spins, high leaps, split jumps, not forgetting the well-known Cossack kicks and squats.

Our dancers promise to bring out a professional and authentic performance that will make your event entertainment truly exciting and dynamic every time. You are guaranteed of the perfect acts that will bring the taste of Ukrainian way of life to your event, thanks to our strictly vibrant and electrifying variety of entertainment.  Cossack is suited for private parties, festivals, themed occasions, ceremonies, cultural events, corporate functions and much more.

Check out our AMAZING DANCE ACTS below!