Christmas Stilts

At Corporate Entertainment Agency we have some great Christmas Entertainment including these unique bouncing stilt characters, our Christmas stilts are a fantastic addition to your corporate event!

Giant Bouncy Elves

Sizing up a Christmas crowd is a big job. So Santa has sent out his biggest helpers Horace and Boris to take notes. How do you measure up – naughty or nice? They’ll be bouncing around deciding who deserves a visit from the boss man!

The 3 Wise Hen

Goldy, Franky, and Mertyl are the Three Wise Hen on a mission to find baby Jesus. These bustly mother hens fuss about giving chocolate gifts and cuddles for the little chicklings, sharing old wives tales with the ladies, and hen pecking the men!

Bopping around like busy bees, these lovely larger than life hens are a beautiful aesthetic edition to any event space, and also offer very warm interactions. A very unique Christmas act that truly offers something for the whole family.

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