Ballet Dancers UK

Our ballet artists come from a thrilling range of world class institutions, including The Royal Ballet, The Bolshoi and The English National Ballet. These costumes are covered in elaborate detailing, worn with delicate tiaras and can be worn for some other skills, ask for details.

For wandering performance The Ballet performers can dance in unison or individually, welcome and guide guests and distribute sweets or treats wearing their own music boxes if required, and can be dressed in lights. Also available for staged performance.

A versatile base costume that lends itself well to styling and adaptation, and can be performed as clockwork dolls, fairies and more. These pieces can also be worn with warmer accessories for outdoor or cold weather performance. The use of light within the costume makes this act highly visible, even in full daylight. A perfect choice if you want to create a talking point or gentle interaction.

Particularly well suited to handing out lovely gifts and treats, great for many environments, 4 pieces in this collection, 1 black, 3 red. We also have a large collection of other ballet costumes. More can be created to order.

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